For Immediate Release: February 15, 2002

Press Contact: Irene Oujo, P&AB, (201) 996-1154, or Sean McCabe, Privacy Council, (703) 683-5004,


Top business, government, academic and advocacy leaders expected to attend

Hackensack, NJ//February 15, 2002: Privacy hardware and software developers, specialty publishers, privacy consultants, HR organizations, legal firms with privacy practices, and privacy training services will exhibit at the Privacy Tools and Services Exposition to be held during the Eighth Annual National Conference March 20-22. Hosted by Privacy & American Business and Privacy Council, attendees of this year's Conference, "Managing the New Privacy Revolution," will gather at Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. to view the latest privacy products and services presented by exhibitors like Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Last year's Conference drew over 350 privacy practitioners and top level business executives and government officials. Exhibitors at this Conference will tap a prime customer base for their privacy tools and services. During Conference breaks, breakfasts, dinners and other networking opportunities, attendees can meet one-on-one with HR, HIPAA and GLB consultants and e-commerce privacy specialists; learn about CPO training programs, including those run by P&AB and Privacy Council; explore the array of law firms that have developed strong privacy practices; speak with IT specialists about database systems and more.

"This Conference is attended by the key privacy leaders across industries, and even across the world. That's why Ernst & Young has chosen this Conference as the centerpiece for our privacy outreach," said Brian Tretick, Principal, Ernst & Young.

Conference Speakers
The Annual National Conference is often described as "the one privacy conference you can't afford to miss." It is unique in that it is not another series of speeches and panels, but a carefully-structured and comprehensive privacy program. Attendees can expect an analytic review of the past in privacy and an informed projection of the challenges that lay ahead, comprehensive coverage of the domestic and global privacy scenes, and in-depth accounts from privacy officers of their successes and challenges. This Conference brings 50 years of experience and successful analysis by Alan Westin, the leading authority of privacy worldwide and over 30 years by Robert Belair.

Over the years, the Annual National Conference, "Managing the Privacy Revolution" and CPO & Privacy Practitioners' Workshop have been the place where privacy practitioners, leading business executives, top state and federal legislators, legal and academic experts, and consumer privacy advocates meet. This year, Conference speakers and panelists include: FTC Chairman Tim Muris; Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL); Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman, CEO and President, Bank of America; David Medine, Partner, Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Harriet Pearson, CPO, IBM; Jerry Berman, Executive Director, Center for Democracy & Technology; Agnes Bundy Scanlan, CPO, FleetBoston Financial Services; Ruth Nelson, Director, Privacy Practices, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Patrick Sullivan, Vice President, Privacy and Information Policy, Guardent; Denley Chew, Counsel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Kathleen Fyffe, Senior Advisor for HIPAA Privacy Outreach, HHS; Barry Steinhardt, Associate Director, ACLU and many more.

Conference Topics
Some of the topics will focus on the post-September 11 consumer privacy environment and what business needs to know about complying with government requests for consumers' personal information; the most important issues facing CPOs; how new technologies like biometric identifiers affect privacy; what is happening with the latest consumer privacy class action law suits; new state and federal legislation; the FTC's approach to privacy; implementing HIPAA and GLB; dealing with identity theft; signing on to Safe Harbor and much more.

Unique Conference Materials
Three major new surveys will be debuted and distributed: "The American Privacy Officer: A First Benchmark Report," an ORC/Westin survey sponsored by Privacy Council and Guardent; "Enhancing Consumer Trust: A P&AB/Harris Interactive Report," sponsored by Ernst & Young and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); and "Online Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors After September 11," a Harris Interactive/Westin survey. Attendees will also receive: Consumer Privacy in the Courts: P&AB's Annual Trend Report and Analysis; Consumer Privacy in the States: P&AB's Annual Legislative and Regulatory Trends Report; The American Consumer and Privacy: P&AB's Annual Round-up and Analysis of Privacy Surveys; and U.S. Media Coverage of Privacy Impacts Post-September 11: A Special Report by Scott Stapf, Senior Partner, The Hastings Group.

Members of the press who would like to attend the Eighth Annual National Conference, March 21-22, may contact Irene Oujo for a press credentials application. More information about registration, exhibit and sponsorship opportunities, and more is available at

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