For Immediate Release: January 16, 2002

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A Different Kind of Conference
Event Offers First National Privacy Exposition

Hackensack, NJ//January 15, 2002: New dates March 20-22, 2002 are set for the Eighth Annual National Conference, Managing The New Privacy Revolution, and CPO & Privacy Practitioners Workshop at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. Postponed last November due to concerns about terrorist attacks, the Conference, hosted by Privacy and American Business (P&AB) and Privacy Council, will feature the first Privacy Exposition of privacy hardware, software, tools and services.

The Eighth Annual National Conference

Managing The New Privacy Revolution, which continues as the leading national event on consumer privacy, forecasts the new privacy issues, analyzes consumer attitudes and concerns, presents wide-ranging surveys, offers case studies of successful programs, and hosts debates among business, technology, government and consumer leaders. The CPO & Privacy Practitioners Workshop includes hands-on sessions with experienced CPOs discussing the upside and the downside of managing privacy within their organization. The Workshop will feature an in-depth presentation of the full survey results of The American Privacy Officer: The Benchmark Survey Report, sponsored by Privacy Council and Guardent.

Since its inauguration in 1993 by P&AB, the annual conference on Managing the Privacy Revolution has been called the one privacy conference business cannot afford to miss. Alan Westin, President and Publisher of P&AB said, This years conference will bring together four themes business must focus on to successfully manage privacy in this new environment: complying with new federal and state financial, health and consumer privacy laws; going beyond compliance and making privacy a competitive edge; managing privacy on a global level; and assessing Internet and online privacy requirements.

Since September 11, privacy concerns have become both more important and more confusing. The fact is a peoples right to feel secure is not in conflict with their right to privacy. A Conference like this can go a long way in helping everyone understand the real issues and the real solutions. Alan Westin and his team have done a great job making this happen, said Larry Ponemon, CEO of Privacy Council.

Privacy Exposition

We welcome this joint activity that brings Privacy Councils special strengths to the events planning and execution and also allows our mounting of the unique and first national Privacy Exposition Dr. Westin said. The Privacy Expo is for privacy leaders and managers who are most eager to learn about the assistance out there for them from the dozens of exhibits of privacy-enhancing technologies, consulting and legal services, industry-association guides, privacy management systems, and new privacy literature. The Privacy Exposition will allow privacy product and services buyers and sellers to visit one-on-one, Mr. Ponemon said. The biggest names in the privacy field will be there, he added.

Conference Speakers

The conference speakers and panelists will include leading CEOs, CPOs, Cabinet and Regulatory-Agency Officials, Congressional leaders, and academic and legal experts from across all industry lines, including Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL); David Medine, Partner, Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Harriet Pearson, CPO, IBM; Jerry Berman, Executive Director, Center for Democracy & Technology; Agnes Bundy Scanlan, CPO, Fleet Financial Services and many more.


Some of the topics will focus on the post-September 11 consumer privacy environment and what business needs to know about complying with government requests for consumers personal information; the most important issues facing CPOs; how new technologies like GPS and biometrics affect privacy; what is happening with the latest consumer privacy class action law suits; new state and federal legislation; the FTCs approach to privacy; implementing HIPAA and GLB; dealing with identity theft; signing on to Safe Harbor and much more.

Members of the press who would like to attend the Eighth Annual National Conference, March 21-22, please contact Irene Oujo for a press credentials application.

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