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Participate in a comprehensive, integrated program that delivers ongoing information and resources to Privacy Executives.

Who Should Join?

Executive and management level Corporate Privacy, Data Protection, Information Management, Compliance, Government Relations, and HR Information Officers will benefit from membership in P&AB’s Privacy Leadership Group.

The 2006-2007 Privacy Leadership Group (PLG) Benefits Package

P&AB has developed a comprehensive, ongoing program of distinctive resources to support Privacy Officers and those whose position demands expertise in all areas of privacy. This Program will assist you in successfully meeting their challenging responsibilities. As PLG member, you will be entitled to receive a superb blend of the best resources only P&AB can offer:

Use P&AB’s Outstanding Services:

Participate in P&AB’s Landmark Tele/Web Conferences

2006-2007 promises more of these invaluable meetings, offering up to the minute information from the leaders who are calling the shots. The FACT Act, Data Breaches, Personalized and Electronic Medical Records, RFID and Privacy – just to name a few – are all topics for the 2006-2007 Tele/Web Conference schedule. Moderated by P&AB and other privacy leaders, these meetings will connect PLG members to the people who are shaking up the world of privacy. PLG members are entitled to two free admissions to all Tele/Web Sessions held during their membership.

Forecasting The New Challenges for 2006-2007

P&AB’s 2006-2007 PLG program will focus on identifying new privacy-related legislative and regulatory initiatives and how these will affect business interests. The reports, publications, and Tele/Web Sessions available to P&AB PLG members will examine topics privacy leaders should consider so they may support the right balance between legitimate consumer and employee privacy interests and effective consumer and employee relations.
Some of the new challenges P&AB will specifically address are:

PLG Program Mission in 2006-2007

The 2006-2007 PLG Program looks at specific privacy developments as they evolve, follows trend lines, and takes up the key operational issues — problems, processes and solutions. To create each component of its PLG Program, P&AB employs skillful research from P&AB experts, draws on the expertise of business leaders, and engages those in the privacy community who are addressing core issues in instructive ways.

Based on addressing the above issues and opportunities — and others that we at P&AB anticipate — the benefits chart page shows the meetings, publications, and programs that the PLG Program will deliver in 2006-2007.

Due to the constantly changing landscape of the business privacy world, we think that membership in the PLG is even more critical for privacy professionals now than in the past. We would welcome your membership, and look forward to talking with you.

Other Benefits

Your role as the “go to” person is enhanced by being able to distribute the benefits of PLG Membership throughout your organization. For some member organizations, all the divisions which benefit from PLG membership might contribute to the membership fee. Also, P&AB is a non-profit entity and your membership grant may be tax-deductible.

P&AB PLG Benefits List

P&AB's National Virtual Conference Series
2 admissions to each Tele/Web Session held during duration of PLG membership (please visit pandab.org for upcoming Tele/Web Session topics and dates)

Information Services
Access for 2 employees to P&AB’s Privacy Policy Database
1 subscription to the ISPI Clip email service

8 Trend Reports (see calendar below for topics and availability)
Unlimited subscriptions to P&AB's Electronic Newsletter (12 issues per year)
Unlimited subscriptions to P&AB's Electronic NewsFlash (delivered 2x a month)

2006-2007 PLG Publication Delivery Calendar



Global Privacy Trend Report


States Privacy Legislation Trend Report


Consumer Privacy Litigation Report


Global Privacy Trend Report




Consumer Privacy Survey Report


Global Privacy Trend Report


States Privacy Legislation Trend Report


Consumer Privacy Litigation Report


Global Privacy Trend Report


Consumer Privacy Survey Report

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