Volume 7 - 2000

Volume 7, Number 5
Special Issue P&ABs Washington Report
Privacy in the Bloodstream
Federal Agency Activity
Tackling the Complexity of Data Use

Volume 7, Number 4
Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) Conference Overview

P&AB's CPO 2000 Sparks a Launch Within a Launch
Peter Swire Sets Out Administration Privacy Positions
Industry Associations Assist Privacy Activities
Tips for Conducting Privacy Audits

Volume 7, Number 3
Washington Report: What a Remarkable Six Month Period for Privacy!

Before the First Session of the 106th Congress Adjourned, Congress Passed Significant Privacy Legislation
Other Recent Privacy Related Developments in Washington
Outside of Washington

Volume 7, Number 2
6th Annual P&AB Conference Overview

The Privacy Year in Review
New Survey Reports Show Consumer Preferences
Strategies for Crisis Management
What If It Were All "Opt-In?" New State Consumer Privacy Initiatives
Understanding National Data Protection Laws and Transborder Data Flows

Volume 7, Number 1
The IBM-Harris Multi-National Consumer Privacy Survey (Special Issue)

E-Commerce Message: Consumers Are Coming...But They Want Choices!
Consumer Privacy Experiences and Concerns
Privacy Asserting Actions Offline
Higher Privacy Actions by Net Users
Privacy Protective Behavior on the Net