Volume 8 - 2001

Volume 8 Number 6
Front and Center: GLB Privacy Notices

New P&AB Survey: Privacy Officers Taking Hold in Key Consumer Industries, Reporting to Top Management
P&AB's CPO Program 2002 Now Underway
States Again Take the Lead in Privacy
Business is Slow to Join Safe Harbor

Volume 8 Number 5
Government Investigations and Consumer Privacy: Should Companies Be Concerned About More Litigation?

Privacy on the European Front: A Report for U.S. Multinationals
P&AB's CPO Program 2002 Underway
P&AB and Privacy Council Eighth Annual National Conference, CPO & Privacy Practitioners' Workshop, and Privacy Expo
All Eyes on California
Muris Speaks on FTC Privacy Agenda
New HIPAA Publication

Volume 8 Number 4
Washington Report

Anti-Terrorism and Consumer Privacy
Rulings in DoubleClick Litigation Gives Guidance on Future "Cookie" Lawsuits
Survey Looks At Workplace Issues and Privacy
New Books on E-Business Privacy and Trust

Volume 8 Number 3
Slaughter Supports Genetic Privacy

Consumer Privacy in the States
Consumer Privacy Litigation Rising Due to Plaintiff's Bar, FTC, and Ags
Technology Issues Pose New Challenges in HR Privacy Litigation
New PLI Survey Studies Consumer Trust
P3P Debuts - And Stirs Debate
Reports Assess Costs of Privacy to Industry
Two New Books on Business Privacy

Volume 8 Number 2
Washington Report
Where's the Beef?
Consumer Privacy in the States:
A mid-year P&AB Report
Dr. Westin's Testimony on Capitol Hill

Volume 8 Number 1
Seventh Annual National Conference Issue:
Managing the Privacy Revolution