Volume 10 - 2003
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Volume 10 Number 1
Guide to the FTC’s National DNC Proposal
Consumer Litigation Slowing, But Regulatory Agencies Active
Recap of P&AB’s PLG D.C. Meetings
Privacy Resources for Business

Volume 10 Number 2
Regulators and Companies Continue Fight Against Spam Abuses
Fixing a HIPAA Blunder
EU Approves Microsoft’s .NET Passport Service
Balancing Privacy & Security at P&AB’s Upcoming National Conference
Privacy Resources

Volume 10 Number 3
Privacy and 108th Congress

Barbara Wellbery – An Appreciation
Lobbying in the Court of Public Opinion
Special Conference Audio Tapes Packages
The Three Rs of Digital Security
About P&AB’s Unique Privacy Conference Materials

Volume 10 Number 4
Special Double Issue
Privacy, Homeland Security & the Public/Private Partnership
Privacy and Security: Can Americans Have Both?
New Center for Strategic Privacy Studies Formed
P&AB Directors create new homeland security and privacy think tank
Acxiom’s Seven Privacy Principles
Nuala O’Connor Kelly: Homeland Security’s New Privacy Officer
Collecting and Using Public Databases
Government Consumer Information Gathering: What Should Concern Business
Understanding the Lessons of TIA and Public Relations
Privacy and Homeland Security Resources for Business

Volume 10 Number 5
P&AB ID Theft Survey

How ID Theft is Carried Out
A New Wrinkle in Crime: Corporate Identity Theft
ID Theft Goes International
ID Theft: Business and Government Initiatives
New FCRA Amendments Would Impose New Obligations
California in the ID Theft Spotlight
The ABCs of ID Theft Insurance
Identity Theft Arrests and Prosecutions

Volume 10 Number 6
Consumer Privacy Attitudes

P&AB’s Identity Theft Update
The FTC’s Survey on ID Theft
Does Privacy Pay?
Privacy Handbook: Guidelines, Exposures, Policy Implementation, and International Issues

Volume 10 Number 7
Global Trends In Employee Data Protection Law
HR Privacy in the States
Global HR Privacy Projects: A Primer By Don Harris
ID Theft Update Sponsored by Deloitte & Touche
Employee Background Checks: Complying with FCRA Requirements
Case Study: The Employee Data Side of Corporate Mergers

Volume 10 Number 8
Consumer Privacy in Japan
Japan and the International Privacy Protection Community
Privacy in Japan from 1960 to 1999
Japanese Attitudes Toward Consumer Privacy
Violations of Consumer Privacy:A Steady Stream in the Media, 1998-2003
A Difficult Birth: Passage of the Personal Information Protection Act (2000-2003)