Volume 11 - 2004
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Volume 11 Number 1
The FACT Act - The Fair Credit Reporting Act Amendments of 2003
Privacy Legislation in the States: 2003
ID Theft Update Sponsored by Deloitte & Touche
Review of International Cyber-Privacy Developments in 2003
Courts Wary of New Privacy Litigation Claims

Volume 11 Number 2
In-Depth: A Business Guide to the FACT ACT
Supreme Court Ruling on Privacy
P&ABs Identity Theft Update Sponsored by Deloitte
Privacy Survey Highlights

Volume 11 Number 3
Background Screening and Consumer Reports
Background Checking Organizations and Privacy Rules: What the Public Thinks
Privacy Principles of the Top Three Commercial Data Suppliers
Privacy Issues in Identity Management: A Global View
At Leakage and Harm in Japan

Volume 11 Number 4
EU-U.S. Passenger Data Transfers Approved, But...
Traveler Data: The Latest Developments
ID Theft and the Role of Employers
HR Privacy Conference 2004: Managing the New Challenges: A Report from the Trenches

Volume 11 Number 5
Consumer Activism on Privacy
Identity Theft Update
The House Looks at RFID
Japan Privacy Resource at PrivacyExchange
Excerpt of Derek Smiths Risk Revolution

Volume 11 Number 6
How to Craft Effective Online Privacy Policies
Identity Thefts Rise in Japan
P&ABs Tenth Annual National Conference Overview
New Privacy Survey Highlights

Volume 11 Number 7
Does HIPAA Have Teeth?
China Launches Privacy Protection Law Project
Marketing and Privacy: What the States Are Up To
P&AB’s Identity Theft News Round-Up

Volume 11 Number 8
Johns Hopkins Examines HIPAA’s Hidden Costs
Privacy Policy Law Enacted in Pennsylvania
Ron Plesser – In Memoriam
And the Survey Says…
Understanding and Implementing Privacy Services: A CPA’s Resource reviewed

Volume 11 Number 9
108th Congress Adjourns With Strong Privacy Finish

The FACT Act Studies: Understanding the Interpretive Rules
Sharing Customers’ Personal Data With Government: Implications for Business
P&AB ID Theft Update