An Invitation to
Privacy Professionals

To Become a P&AB Privacy Fellow

And Participate in a Comprehensive, Integrated Program Delivering Research and Resource Support Throughout the Year For CorporatePrivacy, Data Protection, Compliance, Government Relations, HR Information Officers and Those Involved in Privacy and Information Management

Why Should You Become a Fellow
Why You Should Join the Fellows Program

Just Some of the Benefits
Value...Beyond Dollars & Cents
The 2006 Benefits Package
Forecasting the New Challenges for 2006
The Overall Privacy Fellow Program and Benefits in 2006

Why Should You Become A Fellow?

As a CPO, or person involved in privacy, compliance, data and information security, or HR management, you have two responsibilities:

Why YOU Should Join the Fellows Program

To fill these important roles and lead effectively, you need:

Just Some of the Benefits&

P&AB has created the Privacy Fellows Program (PFP) to provide all the best information and tools privacy, HR and security professionals need to stay on top of their job. With many more privacy and security officers multi-tasking within their organizations, the P&AB Privacy Fellows Program offers a full range of news, reports and services to assist you and your colleagues.

Privacy Fellows will receive five subscriptions to P&ABs Electronic Newsletter and the bi-weekly NewsFlash. The P&AB Newsletter is one of the most quoted privacy publications and is read by federal and state policy makers, business leaders across all industries, and academicians.

The bi-weekly NewsFlash has received kudos as the most complete digest of privacy activities, events, publications and legislation in the U.S. and abroad, providing a reading of what the privacy advocates are doing.

Fellows may select one additional P&AB publication to receive during their annual membership. Choose from the Privacy Survey Round Up (published twice a year), the State Legislative Trend Report and Analysis (published twice a year), the Global Privacy Trend Report (published four times a year), or the Consumer Privacy Litigation Report (published twice a year). P&ABs reports provide benchmark information from which corporations operate and plan. The P&AB Consumer Privacy Litigation Report is the only one of its kind that tracks those cases with privacy at their core in the state and federal courts. Publications and reports not selected will still be available at a reduced cost to Privacy Fellows.

Privacy Fellows also receive one complementary admission to P&AB's National Conference an excellent opportunity to network with other privacy professionals and hear directly from leaders in the field. Additional Conference registrations are available to Fellows at a discount.

The PFP, which we cordially invite you to join, delivers an on-going flow of the finest resources which cannot be found anywhere else, including practical hands-on assistance and networking opportunities to you, the privacy professional. The PFP is the one program that can give you everything you need to stay on top of the latest developments in business privacy and to share those benefits within your organization.

PFP is led by Privacy & American Business, whose Corporate Privacy Officers Program, began in 1997, was the first integrated support programs for privacy officers in the U.S. and abroad. The PFP is directed by Dr. Alan F. Westin, widely considered the nations leading authority on privacy, and Robert R. Belair, a Capitol-based attorney and insider, who covers and understands the federal, state legislative and regulatory privacy and security scenes in depth.

Value&Beyond Dollars & Cents

The obvious benefit to PFP membership is savings for your organization and the delivery of extremely valuable information and publications to you and your staff. These materials are also of high interest to employees in many areas like marketing, technology, legal, HR, government relations, and your top executives as privacy matters spill out of the office of the CPO and into all areas of corporate operation. Some PFP member companies choose to share the cost of membership among several departments.

However, the real value proposition of PFP membership lies with access to the products and services that only P&AB offers. As a PFP member, you gain early access to P&ABs unique trend, survey and research reports. These publications are an invaluable source for planning strategic operations in your office and beyond. Our 2003 survey report on ID Theft was featured in Consumer Reports Magazine. Imagine the benefits of bringing the marketing department of your company such a report before it is available to the public or the press!

The 2005 PFP Benefits Package

For 2006, P&AB has developed a comprehensive ongoing program of distinctive resources to support Privacy Officers and those whose position demands expertise in all areas of privacy. This Program will assist you in successfully meeting their challenging responsibilities. As a member of the PFP, you will be entitled to receive a superb blend of the best resources only P&AB can offer:

Receive P&ABs Unique Publications and Reports

These reports range in price from $300 to $350 regularly. Fellows receive one of these periodic reports free, and are eligible for a discount on the others.

Attend P&ABs Landmark Conferences and Receive Unique Conference Materials

  • Next year 2006 promises more of the same invaluable meetings, offering up to the minute information from the leaders who are calling the shots. The FACT Act, Personalized Medical, Homeland Security just to name a few are all possible topics for next years impromptu sessions. Moderated by P&AB and other privacy leaders, these meetings will connect PFP members to the people who are shaking up the world of privacy.

Forecasting The New Challenges for 2006

The 2006 PFP Program will focus on identifying new privacy-related legislative and regulatory initiatives in 2006 and how these will affect business interests. PFP meetings and other communications will also examine efforts privacy leaders should consider to support the right balance between legitimate consumer and employee privacy interests and effective consumer and employee relations.

Some of the new challenges P&AB will specifically address in PFP Program materials are:

Other Benefits

Your role as the "go to" person is enhanced by being able to distribute the benefits of PFP Membership throughout your organization. For some member organizations, all the divisions that benefit from PFP Membership might contribute to the membership fee. Also, P&AB is a non-profit entity and your membership grant may be tax-deductible.

The Overall PFP Program and Benefits in 2006

The 2005 PFP Program looks at specific privacy developments as they evolve, follows trend lines, and takes up the key operational issues problems, processes and solutions. To create each component of its PFP Program, P&AB employs skillful research from P&AB experts, draws on the expertise of business leaders, and engages those in the privacy community who are addressing core issues in instructive ways.






Global Privacy Trend Report


States Privacy

Legislation Trend Report


Consumer Privacy Litigation Report


Global Privacy Trend Report




Survey Report


Global Privacy Trend Report


States Privacy
Legislation Trend Report


Consumer Privacy Litigation Report


Global Privacy Trend Report


Survey Report


Conference Schedule

The Conference Schedule has not yet been finalized. Conference materials will include an HR Domestic and Global Privacy Resource Book, and other original consumer privacy trend reports.

Fellows receive one complementary Conference admission, and UNLIMITED discounts to all materials and conferences not already part of your package. Join today and start saving!


1 Free Attendee to National Conference


unlimited number of attendees @ special Fellows rate

Invitations to 1 Newsmaker Tele/Web Conference (dates: TBA)


unlimited discounts to participate in Newsmaker Tele/Web Conferences


5 Subscriptions to P&AB's Electronic Newsletter
5 Subscriptions to P&AB's Electronic NewsFlash
1 Special P&AB Publication.


Choose any ONE of the following:

  • Survey Report
  • States Report
  • Litigation Report
  • Global Privacy Report

Former and returning P&AB Members receive a 10% discount. Take advantage of this opportunity today and SAVE!


For more details on P&ABs 2006 Privacy Fellows Program cost, contact Lorrie Sherwood at (201) 996-1154 or