About the P&AB Grantor Program

The P&AB Grantor Program is funded by the top tier of U.S. corporations. They are leaders with a demonstrated commitment to privacy values. They understand the need to offer balanced information and analysis to the media and to provide institutional support for a credible, respected and business-friendly voice in the growing public policy debates on privacy issues being waged in government, the media, and the opinion-elite communities.

" Without the Grantors program, P&AB would not reach the key players in governments at home and abroad when questions arise and courses of action are being argued.

" Grantor funds support P&AB's influential testimony and exhibits at regulatory and congressional hearings.

" The Grantors Program supports an informed P&AB staff in media outreach and advocacy on business/consumer privacy issues.

" Grantor funds sustain an ambitious, controlled circulation program that puts P&AB in the hands of more than 2,500 privacy-beat reporters, columnists, industry association leaders and key government officials here and worldwide.

" Grantor funds underwrite our ability to make a persuasive case for self-regulation to Congress, key departments of U.S. executive branch agencies, and to data protection officials and other government and opinion groups in the EU and across the globe.

" Grantor funds support P&AB's empirical research into innovative corporate privacy programs and special surveys of consumer opinions.

 " Grantor funds aid P&AB's ad hoc participation in a range of other positive business-privacy activities.

" Grantor funds let P&AB tell a balanced story on issues of central importance to the firms that rely on the responsible use of consumer information.

" Grantor funds provide Grantor's with prompt expert analysis on the state of play in the privacy arena.

" P&AB is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity and participation may be tax deductible.

Without Grantor support, the field of comment and action would be left to the advocates.


These companies have been P&AB grantors:
American Express "American Express Travel " Citicorp " Equifax " Ernst & Young " Experian " MasterCard " MCI WorldCom " MediaOne " Privacy Council " Qwest " Shop2U.com " TransUnion " US WEST " Verizon " VISA


In addition to the overall benefits to member companies and industries, P&AB's Grantor Program provides concrete high-value products and services directly to staff and executives of Grantor firms.

Attendance at:

One-day Corporate Privacy Officers Program Executive Briefing slated for Washington, D.C. in early June and September 2000. This Briefing is a closed door meeting with key lawmakers, regulators, and decision makers with expert analysis of emerging privacy trends, directions and perils ahead. A premium benefit of P&AB's new CPO Program, which provides the tools and information needed to manage privacy issues effectively across industries and staff functions, online and off, is open to one Grantor representative.

One-day Practitioner's Privacy Workshop - November 28, 2000 at the Washington Court Hotel, Washington, D.C. Cited by past attendees as the “premier forum” on privacy for business, the Workshop addresses emerging cutting edge privacy challenges from thorny policy questions to broad operational procedures. Presented by successful mentor companies and experts, the Workshop's case studies and analysis offer an opportunity to share and discuss common problems and uncommon solutions across industries. Open to four Grantor Representatives.

Two-day P&AB Seventh Annual National Conference, “Consumer Privacy: New Trends, Forces and Directions” November 29-30, 2000 at the Washington Court Hotel. This meeting, acknowledged as the “one privacy conference you miss at your peril,” brings together all the leading players on the privacy stage from business - dot.coms and traditional - and state, national and global government leaders. Specifically developed reference and resource materials, available nowhere else, assist attendees from telecommunications, credit reporting, credit card, banking, financial and investment services, insurance, health and medical, pharmaceutical, direct marketing, internet and other areas where human resource and consumer data are vital operations to understand and respond to privacy challenges on the net and in traditional venues. Open to four Grantor members. Special rates available for additional Grantor attendees' representatives.

Full information services:

At least ten copies of Privacy & American Business—the comprehensive bimonthly report on business privacy issues—sent directly to individuals you designate in your organization.

One Year free subscription to the Institute for the Study of Privacy Issues' (ISPI) daily e-mail business privacy clipping service, drawn from media sources around the world.

P&AB's bi-weekly NewsFlash sent to designees to keep Grantors up-to-date privacy trends.

" Basic Membership in P&AB's HR Consortium for one organization member. Additional participation in working groups or steering committee at substantially reduced rates.
" Advance reports on P&AB's surveys on consumer attitudes about privacy and online consumer issues (Copies to all designees within your organization).
" Access to open and password-protected areas of P&AB's PrivacyExchange website, the global resource for consumer privacy and data protection.
Confidential e-mail Grantor alerts on breaking domestic and worldwide privacy developments, by e-mail.
Substantially Discounted rates for participation in P&AB Programs like the new Corporate Privacy Officer Program, the Model Contracts Project, and the HR Data Consortium.

For more information, or to become a Grantor, please contact Lorrie Sherwood or Olga Garey at ctrslr@aol.com or 201.996.1154.