The HR Data Consortium is a fee-based coalition of multinational companies, HR associations, HR software vendors, HR consulting firms and others that are pooling efforts and resources to address the growing global challenges of complying with data protection and privacy requirements for managing human resources information. The Consortium is co-chaired by Dr. Alan Westin, Publisher of Privacy & American Business, and Dr. Donald Harris, President of HR Privacy Solutions.

Current Consortium Members include Andersen Consulting, Baxter International, Ceridian Employer Services, Colgate-Palmolive, Glenayre Electronics, IHRIM (the International Association for Human Resource Information Management), Johnson & Johnson, Newbridge Networks, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SHRM (the Society for Human Resources Management), Studio Legali Imperiali, The Hunter Group, TRW, UOP, and Warner-Lambert. An additional 70 multinationals have attended full-day briefings provided by the Consortium and are considering joining.

A Time for Action. Now that the long period of “wait and see” relating to the Safe Harbor talks is drawing to a close, the Consortium is preparing to launch its 2000 agenda, which will provide the following benefits for members:

1. Guidance on Safe Harbor. Evaluation of the pros, cons, requirements, and procedures involved in joining and qualifying for the Safe Harbor program.

2. An Employment Privacy Survey. A comprehensive survey of opinions of employees on how employers manage, and should manage, personal information.

3. Influence on the UK Code of Practice for HR. Input into this influential new code, which will be issued in draft form for public comment in September.

4. A Home-grown Privacy Code for Employers. An employee privacy code, with principles that can serve as the cornerstone for policies and regulatory compliance.

Schedule of Activities:

June – August Marketing campaign to expand the Consortium's membership.

September: Two day working conference of Consortium members, with general sessions and breakout into working committees. September 25-26 at the Pfizer Conference Center, 219 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017
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October – December: Working committees pursue their objectives.

January 2001: International conference to discuss the latest developments in employee privacy, to present the Consortium deliverables, and to begin the dissemination of these outcomes as widely as possible.

March 2001: National Conference


Download the "Comments on the UK's Draft HR Privacy Code" document

Join the Consortium: With the Consortium in its formative phase, now is the time to join and help shape this vital collaborative effort. For more information, contact Olga Garey at 201-996-1154 or by e-mail to