Bank of America CEO Supports FTC's Do-Not-Call Proposal;
Calls for Federal Preemption

Chairman, CEO and President Kenneth Lewis Speaks About Bank of America's Commitment to Privacy at the 8th Annual National Conference

Washington, D.C., March 21, 2002//: Bank of America's Chairman, CEO and President, Kenneth Lewis voiced his support of the FTC's proposal for a national "do-not-call" registry, but believes it should be coupled with federal preemption of state telemarketing laws. The patchwork of state privacy laws makes it difficult to comply and the costs to comply usually are passed on to the consumer, he said. Bank of America is the first and only corporation to publicly support the FTC's telemarketing proposal, which he announced today at the Eighth Annual National Conference in Washington, D.C., presented by Privacy & American Business and Privacy Council, Inc.

If adopted, Lewis stated that the do-not-call list should not affect existing customers, who should be given the opportunity to tell businesses how they want to be informed of new products and services. "There are simply too many legitimate reasons that companies contact their own customers - reasons that customers themselves find useful - to include calls to existing customers in a national do-not-call list," he said.

In addition, in support of the FTC's privacy agenda, Lewis announced that Bank of America will be working with the National Consumers League (NCL) to prevent identity theft. Beginning next month, Bank of America and NCL will produce public service announcements, create an ID theft avoidance resource website, and distribute educational materials about privacy, safety, and security online.

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