Volume 1, Number 1, September/ October 1993  
Clinton, Privacy, and the Business Agenda 1
P&AB's Editorial Policy 2
Public's Privacy Concerns Still Rising 3

Chart: Public Concern About Threats to Privacy, 1970-1993, Louis Harris & Associates Survey

Association Round-Up 4

Information Industry: Information Industry Association
Medical and Health Information: American Hospital Association, AHIMA
E-Mail: Electronic Mail Association
Credit Reporting: Associated Credit Bureaus

Privacy and Free Speech in Telemarketing 5
In Depth: Strong Privacy Codes are Good Business 10-15

Profile of Pacific Bell and its 1992 Customer Privacy Policy
Pacific Bell Consumer Privacy Guidelines
Chart: Consumer say privacy protection is...Louis Harris & Associates Survey, 1993

New Publications 15
Books and Monographs  

Employee Privacy Law
Medical Records: Getting Yours, A Consumer's Guide to Obtaining and Understanding the Medical Record

New Periodicals 16

In Confidence


"The Employer as Social Arbiter: Considerations in Limiting Involvement in Off-the-Job Behavior"
"Information Technology, Marketing Practice, and Consumer Privacy: Ethical Issues"

News Beat 17
In The Executive Branch 17

Clinton Health Care Reform
IVHS Initiatives
Smart Card Initiatives
Human Genome Project
Information Superhighways Initiatives
Internal Revenue Service

In The Congress 18

Fair Credit Reporting Act Reform Legislation
Employee Surveillance Legislation
Caller ID and CPNI
Medical Privacy

Media Trends 19

Medical and Health Information Privacy
Workplace Privacy

From The Business Press 20

Privacy wake-up call

Information Security: What Non-Techies Need To Know-and Support 21
Document File 22

Genetic Information and Health Insurance

Volume 1, Number 2, January/ February 1994  
Washington Ponders Health Privacy Reform 1
Privacy Poses Test For IVHS Industry 1-2

Privacy Issues Already Drawing Attention
How High-Tech Pilots Can Go Awry
Industry Recognizes Privacy Concerns

New Publications  
General Privacy 4

The Panoptic Sort: A Political Economy of Personal Information
The Costs of Privacy: Reputation & Surveillance in America
Our Vanishing Privacy--And What You Can Do To Protect Yours

Consumer Privacy 4-5

Direct Marketing & the Law: What Managers Need to Know
Telecom Privacy and Toll Fraud: Maintaining Security in the Information Age
Computer Security & Privacy: An Information Sourcebook
The Law of Electronic Commerce
"Electronic Envelopes? The Uncertainty of Keeping E-Mail Private" International Privacy
"Data Protection in Britain: Governance and Learning"
"The Right to Privacy in Canada"
"The Globalization of Privacy: Implications of Recent Changes in Europe"

Toward Fair Information Markets 6
In Depth: Medical And Health Care Privacy A-1

Washington Ponders Health Privacy Reform
Public and Leaders on Confidentiality and Health Care Reform

Health Privacy: Who's Developing The News Rules A-2 - A-4

Model Policies And Organizational Codes
Proposed Legislation
Legislative Activities

Health Privacy Trends In The Courts A-5 - A-6

Health Records and Data Quality
Especially Sensitive Medical Information
Employer Responsibilities for Medical Confidentiality

Chart: How the Public Approaches Health Privacy Protection, by Harris/Equifax Health Information Survey, 1993 A-8
Chart: Health Industry Leaders on Computers in Health Care Reform  
Chart: Health Industry Leaders and Public Compared on Privacy Issues in Health Care Reform A-9
Chart: Public Concerns About Medical Privacy  
Health Industry Leaders on Medical Confidentiality Today A-10
Chart: Health Industry Leaders on Breaches of Confidentiality  
Medical Privacy Publications  
Books and Monographs A-14

Protecting Privacy in Computerized Medical Information
Medical Records: Policies & Guidelines
Confidentiality and Privileged Communication
Electronic Health Care Information: Recordkeeping and Privacy Aspects
Bibliography on Confidentiality
Toward an Electronic Patient Record '93
Patient Care with Computers and Cards

Articles A-15

"Confidentiality of Medical Information from the Perspective of the Life Insurance Business"
"The Privacy Implications of Professor Anderson's Proposed Mandatory Registry for Bone Marrow Donation: A Reply"
"Protecting the Privacy of Patient Information in Clinical Networks: Regulatory Effectiveness Analysis"
"Confidentiality in Group Therapy"
"Guidelines for Disclosure of Patient Information Under the Americans with Disabilities Act"

News Beat 7-8

Employee Surveillance
Telephone Privacy Bill Of Rights
Information Infrastructure Initiatives
Fair Credit Reporting Act Reform Legislation
Driver Privacy Protection Act
Privacy Protection Commission

Coping with European Data Protection Laws 9
Volume 1, Number 3, 1994  
Fair Credit Reporting Act Reform In Jeopardy 1
New Public Views on Business and Privacy... Whom Do They Trust 1
Chart: Which invasion of privacy worry you the most--those by government or business?, by P&AB/Louis Harris & Associates Survey, 1993 2
Chart: How important is it to the public that businesses have strong privacy policies? 3
In The Congress 4-5

Fair Credit Reporting Act
Credit and Charge Card Disclosure Amendments Act Of 1993
Drivers Privacy Protection Act
Health Privacy Reform Legislation
Employee Monitoring And Surveillance Legislation
Telecommunication--National Information Infrastructure

Executive Branch Activity 6
State Legislative Activity 6
Legislation On The Front Burner 6
In Depth: Financial Services and Consumer Privacy 7-10

New Harris Survey Sheds Light on FCRA Issues
Innovative Policies Casefile: Privacy Issues at American Express
American Express Consumer Privacy Principles

Chart: Public Sees Benefits In One Federal Law For Credit Reporting, by Louis Harris and Associates Survey, 1994 13
In The Courts 17

California Supreme Court Redefines Constitutional Privacy Standard For Business

Screening Applicants Without Violating the ADA 18
P&AB's Editor's Note on the ADA 19
Brady, Biometrics, and Privacy 19
Privacy Profile: Representative Ed Markey 22
Volume 1, Number 4, 1994  
At Midyear... 103rd Congress Set to Enact Privacy Legislation and Clinton Administration Picks Up the Privacy Pace 1, 10-12

Health Privacy Reform Legislation
Drivers Privacy Protection Bills
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Telecommunications Privacy and Reform Legislation
Employee Monitoring and Surveillance Legislation
A Federal Privacy Commission

Public Sees Financial and Health Records As the Most Sensitive 1
P&AB's From the Managing Editor 2
Chart: Type Of Information. If Disclosure Without Authorization, it would be...., by Louis Harris & Associates 3
From The Business Press 4

How Nonprofit Groups Should Handle Privacy

Privacy Guidelines For The "New" Direct Marketing 5
In The Courts 7

Supreme Court Reaffirms Privacy Interest In Public Records Information

New Publications 8-9

Managing Privacy: Information Technology and Corporate America
The Electronic Eye: The Rise of Surveillance Society
Who Owns Information?
Health Data in the Information Age: Use, Disclosure, and Privacy
The Rights of Employees and Union Members
First Annual Report of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: October 1992 through September 1993

At Midyear, Executive Branch Activity Accelerates 13-14

The Federal Trade Commission
The U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform
Administration Announces Revised Applicant Form
The Postal Service

Privacy Profile: Mary Gardiner Jones 15
Association Roundup 16

New Guidelines and Codes
Privacy as a Key Topic in Association Conferences

Special Issue: Privacy and Workplace Monitoring, September 1994  
Work Monitoring, Privacy, and Fairness 1
P&AB's What We Will Explore 3
Public Supports Fair Work Monitoring 4
Chart: Employer Fair Monitoring Practice, by P&AB/Harris Survey, 1994 5
The Legal Framework 6

The Legal Status Of Work Monitoring
The National Labor Relations Act And Labor Arbitration Decisions

Simon/Williams and The Next Congress: Privacy for Consumers and Workers Act of 1994 7
Ten Fair Electronic Monitoring Principles 8
A Conversation with Lewis Maltby 9
Newsbeat Update 13

Health Information Privacy Legislation
Drivers Privacy Protection Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Telecommunications Privacy Legislation
Digital Telephony Legislation

Corporate Reports: Citicorp 14
Monitoring at Household Finance Corporation 16
MCI's Monitoring Program 17
Key References on Work Monitoring 18-19

Effective Call Monitoring: Tele Sales & Tele Service Manager Training
"The Perils of Policing Employees"
"Privacy in the Workplace"
"Big Brother of Friendly Coach? Computer Monitoring in the 21st Century"
"Electronic Monitoring of Employees: Issue & Guidelines"
"Electronic Monitoring and the Elusive 'Right to Privacy'"
Hearings on the Privacy for Consumers and Workers Act
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Special Issue on Computer Monitoring
"Effect of Electronic Performance Monitoring on Job Design and Worker Stress: Review of the Literature and Conceptual Model"
Electronic Technology in the Workplace
Workers' Privacy Part II: Monitoring and Surveillance in the Workplace
P&AB's Workplace Monitoring & Privacy Bibliography

Volume 1, Number 5, 1994  
Washington Report: Democratic Defeat Reshapes Congressional Privacy Agenda 1, 15-18

Washington Report: Democratic Defeat Reshapes Congressional Privacy Agenda
103rd Congress Compiled Active Privacy Record
Health Information Privacy Legislation
Telecommunications Privacy
Whatever Happened to FCRA?
Privacy Commission Legislation
Employee Monitoring Legislation

November Elections, Public Opinion, and Privacy 1, 6-7

Concerns Over Privacy Reach Record Heights
Distrust Was Also Up Sharply
Correlation Between Distrust and Privacy Concerns
The Role Of Safeguards In Affecting Privacy Attitudes
Voluntary Safeguards By Businesses Also Lead to Change in Attitudes
Public and Organizational Policy Implications
Privacy Safeguards Will Need To Be Demonstrated

Editorial: Privacy and The Message of November 2
Coming Up...P&AB's Second Year 3
Media Watch: Privacy and the Wall Street Journal 4
Chart: Distrust Index Up Sharply 6
Chart: Effects of Safeguards on Public Attitudes Toward Controversial Government Information Activities 7
Numbering and Carding Americans: How the Public Feels 8
In The Courts: When Is A Win A Loss? 9
From The Business Press 10

How the Exxon Oil Spill Changed Employee Relations

In Depth: P&AB's First Annual Conference 11-14

Managing the Privacy Revolution
Summing Up P&AB's First Annual Conference
Making the Privacy Rules of the Road
Consumer Privacy A Marketing Issue
Accommodating Privacy in the Information Age

Two Privacy Initiatives and How They Survived 19

Motor Vehicle Privacy Legislation
Digital Telephony Legislation

New Publications 21

Private Lives and Public Policies: Confidentiality and Accessibility of Government Statistics
The Naked Consumer: How Our Private Lives Become Public Commodities
Electronic Records Access: Problems and Issues
Patient Confidentiality: Alphabetized Guide to the Release of Medical Information