Volume 2, Number 1, March 1995  
Privacy - Where is the Administration Headed? 1
From the Managing Editor: P&AB's 1995 Plans Taking Shape 2
Media Trends: Privacy and TV News 3
Privacy Profile: Senator Christopher Bond 4
Washington Report 5

House Subcommittee on Government Information
Telecommunications Privacy
Fair Credit Reporting Act

Privacy in the New Age of Information Services 6
In Depth: Interactive Services 7-13

The Race is On
Opportunities and Minefields in Interactive Services
Interactive Services, Consumers, and Privacy: Exploring the Privacy Issues
The Industry and the Privacy Bogeyman
What the Survey Says and Doesn't Say

Association Roundup 17

Consumer/ Financial Affairs
Health & Medical
Computer Security

Innovative Privacy Policies Case File: MasterCard's Privacy Initiative 18-23

Credit Cardholders and Privacy: Yankelovich Survey
What Consumer and Privacy Advocates Want Done
Bringing the Privacy Issue Home
In the Beginning There Was Customer Concern
Considering Privacy Law and Legislation
Ten Questions MasterCard Wants Its Members To Ask
Banks Must Address Consumer Privacy Concerns

Publications 23

Employee Lifestyle and Off-Duty Conduct Regulation
Privacy Protection Principles for Electronic Mail Systems

Special Issue: The States and Consumer Privacy, May/ June 1995  
About This Special Issue 1
From the Managing Editor: 2
Business, The States, and Consumer Privacy 3
Privacy Laws - State or Federal? 4
The November Elections and The State Scene 6
What Are Advocacy Groups Seeking? 7

Consumer Organizations
Civil Liberties Groups

Legislative Profile: The New Legislative Leader - A Prototype: State Senator James J. Lack 8
State Trend Lines, 1994-96 9-10

Restricting Collection
Enlarging Consumer Access
Privacy Commissions
Statewide Information Systems
Personal ID's
Constitutional Amendments
Few Repeal Efforts

Sector Reports: Financial Services 11-12

Credit Cards
Financial Services Privacy Initiatives Abound in the States
For the Credit Reporting Industry, Privacy is No Secret

Sector Reports:  

Direct Marketing


Medical and Health Care


Patient Privacy - The Issues and Answers in Wisconsin
Massachusetts Managed Care Brings Privacy Changes


Life, Health, and Property Insurance


Insurers Face a Rising Tide of Genetic Testing Limits


The NAIC Model Privacy Act




Four Probable Fire Fields in Telecom Privacy


Cable and Online Services


In California Computer-Aware Legislators May Make the Difference


Public Records

State Net 26
Volume 2, Number 2, August 1995  
Internet Regulation Battles Could Impact Privacy 1
Public Skeptical About Government Enforcement of Privacy Laws: A P&AB Survey Report 1
From the Managing Editor: P&AB Joins the Internet 2
Washington Report: Three Major Business-Privacy Initiatives In Congress 3-4

Healthcare Information
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Telecommunications Reform

Administration and Agency Activities 4
Redefining Federal Information Powers 5
What Isn't Moving in Congress 6
In Depth: Equifax's Health Information Privacy Principles 7-11

CEO's Perspective
Equifax Enters Health Information Processing
"Informational Medicine"
Answering the Tough Questions
"Equifax Health Information Privacy Principles"
From Principles to Policy

From the Business Press: Profits and Patient Privacy 13
Association Roundup 14-16

ITAA Takes Privacy Initiative
VISA's New Privacy Policies
The States Begin Legislating
A Blow From the Courts
The Executive Branch Adds Confusion
Private Sector Activity
Business Implications
High Stakes for Business and Consumers

Student Editors Panel 17
Privacy Profile: Doris Meissner, INS Commissioner 18
Publications . . . Online Privacy 19

Telecompetition: The Free Market Road to the Information Highway
Living at Light Speed
Netlaw: Your Rights in the Online World
E-mail Security
The Computer Privacy Handbook
Protection and Security on the Information Superhighway

Volume 2, Number 3, October 1995  
Federal Trade Commission's New Initiative Solidifies Its Privacy Leadership Role 1
How the Public Ranks Privacy as a Consumer Issue: A P&AB Survey Report 1
From the Managing Editor: Conference Plans Come Down to the Wire 2
Washington Report 4-5

The New 104th Perspective
More Business-Sensitive Bills
Balancing Values
A "Least-Government" Approach
The Outlook
Clinton Administration Remains Active But Schizophrenic
Clipper Again
FTC Initiatives
An Administrative Focus?

Association Roundup 6
In Depth: The World Wide Privacy Frontier 7

U.S. Business and the European Data Directive

Student Editors Panel 10-11

Will Data Protection Go Global

Innovative Policies Case File: Trans Union 13-15

About TU
Fair Information Practices Concepts Shape New Form
Consumers Dictated New Design
Trans Union New Credit Report Format

Chart: Importance to Consumer Issues to U.S. Respondents 16
Publications 17-18

Legislative Privacy


Toward an Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
Computer Ethics
The Politics of Information Management
Building in Big Brother

From the Industry Press: Privacy Fades for Web Visitors 19

Lust for data, new tracking techniques dog users
Who's There?
Deja View