Special Issue: Managing the Privacy Revolution '95: P&AB's 1995 Conference  
Privacy and Business '95 - An Overview 1
Mid-Decade Consumer Privacy Survey Identifies Key Trends 1
From the Managing Editor 2
Chart: Predictions About Privacy Protection in the Year 2000 4
How did Equifax go about implementing its privacy policies? 6
Privacy and the 104th Congress 7
Multiple Perspectives: Consumer Information and Telecommunications Policy - The New Regulatory Climate 8
Concurrent Industry Workshops Explore Developing and Implementing Corporate Privacy Policies 9
Crisis Management and Privacy: What to Do When the Balloon Goes Up 9
P&AB's Washington Report 11-15

Lots of Activity but Where's the Beef?
Fair Credit Reporting
Health Information EDI
Preventive Surveillance
Welfare Reform
Genetic Testing
Health Privacy Legislation
Internecine Battle Threatens Federal Health Information Privacy Legislation

The Clinton Administration - Cacophony Instead of Choreography? 16
What's Ahead in 1996 18
P&AB Reports States and Courts 19
Breakfast with FTC Commissioner Christine Varney 20
Electronic Money: Privacy Boon or Fraud Tool? 22
Student Editors Panel 22
A National Work ID: Long Overdue or Too Risky? 23
Charting Health Information Systems and Patient Privacy - Three Positions from Three Vantage Points 23
Can Technology Choices Enhance Consumer Privacy and Security? 25
Public Records and Privacy 25
Playing by Multinational Rules: Managing Privacy Abroad 26
Consumer Transaction Records and Privacy: Credit Cards, Telecommunications, Cable TV, Online Services and the Internet 27
Volume 3, Number 2, March/ April 1996  
Credit Cardholders, Banks and Privacy 1
Passage of Telecommunications Law Prompts Privacy Outcry 1
From the Managing Editor 2

Surfing the Web and Learning the Turf
P&AB's Global Project Launched

Three Trends in Cardholder Privacy 3
Chart: Analysis of date from "Interactive Services, Consumers and Privacy" 4
American Express' Privacy Policies 6
Citicorp: Citibank's Experience 7
Student Editors Panel 7
Privacy Profile: Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio 8
Business and Privacy on the Net: Privacy Talk on the Net 9
Who's On the Privacy Lines 11
P&AB's Netspeak 101 12
Selected Web Sites 13
Association Roundup 14-15

Association Statements
Association-Sponsored Surveys
New Privacy and Security Task Forces

What to Do When the Balloon Goes Up 17
Learning from Crisis 17
Proactive Crisis Management 18
Clinton Administration Rumored to be Considering Creation of a Privacy Protection Office 20
Publications 23

The New Information Infrastructure
Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in a Networked World
Resisting the Virtual Life: the Culture and Politics of Information
The Digital Economy

Volume 3, Number 3, July/ August 1996  
Courts Make Privacy News - and Law 1
Electronic Money and EU Data Directive 1
From the Managing Editor 2
P&AB's Washington Report: Privacy Activity Quickens As 104th Congress Enters Homestretch 3
HHS Privacy Advocate 5
Business and Privacy on the Net: Privacy Talk on the Net 9
Global Project Opens Dialogue Between U.S. Business and European Officials 12
P&AB Forum on Confidentiality & Group Therapy 14

Forum Poses More Privacy Questions than Answers

Privacy Profile: Steven Kroll 18
New Techniques Enhance Privacy Protections 23
Volume 3, Number 4, October/ November 1996  
104th Congress Sets Strong Privacy Records - Stronger Action Looms 1
U.S. Public Opposes Federal Regulatory Agency 1
From the Managing Editor 2
The Survey Question as Posed 4
Privacy & American Business' Global Privacy Project 4
Privacy Profile: Leslie L. Byrne 5
P&AB's Washington Report: 104th Congress Sets Strong Privacy Record - Stronger Action Looms 6
Privacy Talk on the Net: Emerging Technological Solutions: The Pros and Cons 11
AOL's New Mail Controls Receive Mixed Reception Online 12
Finger Imaging Survey Charts Public Acceptance 13
The ORC Survey 14
MasterCard Tests Biometric Technology 16
International Privacy Conference: One American's Views 18
Privacy Is In The Business of Direct Marketing 19
Special Issue: 1996 Conference Report: An Overview  
'96 P&AB Conference Confronts Privacy Challenges at Home, Abroad and In Online Worlds 1
Washington Report: The 1997 Privacy Agenda 1
From the Managing Editor 2
Self Regulation and Corporate Responsibility 4
Online and Internet Sessions Put Focus on Technology 6
EU Directive and Standards Spark Assessment and Debate 7
Consumer Privacy in the Information Age: A View From the United States 12
Full Text of Senate Commerce Committee Letter 16
Bruhann Offers European "Wish List" 17
Association Roundup 18

Financial Services
Direct Marketing
Interactive/ Online Services
Human Resources
In Conference News

CBA Best Practices Use of Customer Information 19