Special Issue: The States and Consumer Privacy, January/ February 1997  
State Trend Lines 1996 - 1997 1
From the Managing Editor 2
State Net 5
P&AB's Washington Report: 105th Congress Begins Work on Privacy Early 6
Legislative Profile: Loretta Weinberg 8
Sector Reports: Financial Services 9-11

Credit Reporting Industry
Financial Services

Direct Marketing 12-13

Limiting Marketer Access
Direct Marketing

Health, Medical and Insurance 15-17

Health and Medical Issues
Genetic Testing and Insurance

Telecommunications 20-21
Online Services 22-23
Public Records 25-26
Volume 4, Number 2, 1997: Washington Privacy Briefing  
Unprecedented Privacy Activity in Washington 1-6

First Hundred Days Set A Privacy Record
At the Fed
IRS Browsing Addressed on All Fronts
Internet Access to Government Records

From the Managing Editor 2
Clinton Speech Calls for Privacy Protections 3
H.R. 1287, the Social Security Online Privacy Protection Act 4
S. 600, the Personal Information Privacy Act 5
H.R. 1330, the American Family Privacy Act 6
Survey Trends Underpin Rising Washington Privacy Activity 7-14

Financial Privacy
Telecommunications and Online Privacy
Health Information Privacy
Genetic Information Privacy
Children's Privacy
The Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Choice Act of 1997
S. 504, the Children's Privacy Protection and Parental Empowerment Act
Telemarketing Privacy
Insurance Privacy
Congressional Action Not Imminent
Federal Trade Commission Activity

IRA Magaziner's Possible Role as the Clinton Administration's Coordinator of Privacy Policies 16
Information Policy Committee National Information Infrastructure Task Force, "Options For Promoting Privacy" 16
Information Policy Committee April 1997 report 16-17

Privacy Activity Hints at profound Implications for the Business Community

Recent Developments in Latin America and Asia Are Driven by Local Interests and Technology 19
ANSI Ponders Role of Technical Association in Setting International Privacy Standards 21
DMA Provides New Tool for Creating Custom Privacy Policy on the Net 22
Volume 4, Number 3, 1997, Special Issue: P&AB's Survey Report  
Internet Privacy Survey 1
From the Managing Editor 2
Portrait of Net Users vs General Public 3
Chart: Online and Offline Privacy Invasions 4
'Netizens' Concerns About Privacy and Confidentiality Online 4
Chart: Privacy Concerns about the Internet vs. FAX, Telephone and Mail 5
Chart: Public's Preference for Government Approach on Internet Privacy 7
What Computer & Net Users Want Done 8
Chart: Premiums v. Privacy Protection-Internet Users 9
Online Survey Makes Business Case for Privacy 11
Online Industry Must Respond to Consumers' Concerns 14
Self Regulation Challenges Industry 15
Benchmark Survey Spells Out Privacy Issues Industry Must Address to Build Internet Business 16
Rising Consumer Concerns Dictate New Rules 17
P&AB's Benchmark Survey Confirms Perceptions 18
It's Consumer Privacy, Stupid! 19
Government Must Protect Consumer Privacy Online 20
Consumer Confidence a Must for Online Operation 21
An Essay on Privacy: Competing Views 22
Volume 4, Number 4, October/ November 1997  
Washington Privacy Activity: Fast and Furious but Not Finished 1-9, 15-19

Online Privacy Telecommunications Privacy and Encryption
Financial Information Privacy
Medical and Genetic Privacy Legislation
Identification and Location Information and Social Security Number Information
Children's Privacy
Privacy and Direct Marketing
Government-held Personal Information
The Clinton Administration: Privacy and the EU Directive

From the Managing Editor 2
PrivacyExchange.org 11-13

The Website
Advisory Committee
Policies of the Site
Public-Space Services
The Experts' Forum

Letter from Vice President Al Gore 14
Anne Wells Branscomb - An Appreciation 21
Metromail: Correcting the Record 21
Volume 4, Number 5, 1997/98: Special Issue, Conference Overview  
Conference Overview 1
From the Managing Editor 2
The U.S. Privacy Year in Review 3-5

Public Opinion Trends
The States and Consumer Privacy in 1997
Consumer Privacy in Washington: 1996-1998
The Top Ten Consumer Laws with Privacy Provisions
Consumer Privacy and the Courts 1995-1997

Privacy Workshop Advances Practical Policy Solutions 6
How Peer Companies Address the Process 7-8

How to Write a Privacy Policy
How to Conduct Privacy Audits and Reviews
How to Create Privacy Policies for Online Commerce
How to Navigate in the Global Arena

Pitofsky Keynote Describes FTC's Role 9
The Keynoters: Self-Regulation and the Future of Electronic Commerce 10-11

Magaziner urges business to self-regulate here and globally
Van Skilling stresses non-regulatory approach to privacy protection
Weintzen highlights DMA's self regulatory efforts

"Dial-up" Privacy Plan Unveiled 14
Public Records & Privacy 14-15

The Elements of Advocacy
Public Records, Privacy & Data Mining
The Risks of Public Record Disclosure: The Canadian Experience

Mock Hearing on Self-Regulation Yields Consensus 16
Q&A for Business 17
Q&A for The Advocates 18
Using Contractual Assurances to Resolve TDF Issues 19
Recent Privacy Developments in Telecommunications Law in the US 19
Biometric Identifiers: Privacy Opportunities and Problems 20-21

Biometric Identifiers: A privacy enhancing technology for the 21st century
The costs and benefits of biometrics
Congress looking for guidance

The Luncheon Speakers: Business Views 22
Congressional Perspectives on Electronic Commerce 23