Volume 5, Number 1, March/ April 1998  
Second Session of 105th Congress - Slow Start, Early Finish? 1, 10-12

Health and Genetic Privacy
Internet Privacy
Social Security Numbers and Identification Information Privacy Activity in Washington, DC
Financial Privacy
Children's Privacy
Telecommunications Privacy
Celebrity Privacy

From the Executive Editor 2
New Online Privacy Survey Confirms 1997 P&AB Findings 3-6

Chart: Large Public Majorities Very Nervous About Using Credit Cards Online
Chart: Women Online Are Privacy-Intense
Chart: What Would Lead Computer Users to Start Using the Internet
Chart: Self-Declared Victims of Privacy Invasion
Chart: Government Legislation on Self-Regulation

Privacy Exchange: Update 7-9
Legislative Round-Up 13-15

Health and Genetic Privacy
Internet Privacy
Social Security Numbers and Identification Information Fraud
Financial Privacy
Children's Privacy
Telecommunications Privacy
Celebrity Privacy

New Project Draws on Contractual Approaches to Meet EU Privacy and Data Protection Mandates 17
P&AB's Models Project Expert Resources 20
Publications 21-22

Privacy in the Information Age
Primer on Individual Employee Rights
Health Data Directory
Comprehensive Guide to Electronic Health Records
Compilation of State & Federal Privacy Laws

Volume 5, Number 2, August/ September 1998  
Government and Business Wrestle Over Industry Self-Regulation 1
From the Executive Editor 2
Models Project Update 3
In Depth: New E-Commerce & Privacy Survey Focuses on What Net Users Want 7-14

Chart: Who Participated in the E-Commerce & Privacy Survey
Chart: Confidence that companies offering products and services use personal information properly
Chart: Self-regulation vs. Legislation
Chart: Gender Differences in Online Privacy Concerns

Online Privacy Alliance 14
BBB Launches Privacy Seal Program 17
Washington Round-up 17-22

Social Security Numbers and Identification Fraud
Bill Summaries
Internet Privacy
Hearings on Internet Privacy
Bill Summaries
Children's Privacy
Health Privacy
Bill Summaries
Genetic Privacy Legislation
Bill Summaries
Financial Services
Bill Summaries
Bill Summaries
Digital Signatures

Vice President Al Gore Announces Administration's New Privacy Initiatives 22
PrivacyExchange Update 23
Privacy & American Business - Website Version 2.0 23
Volume 5, Number 3, November/ December 1998  
Privacy Legislation in the States 1
Washington Report 1,3-4, 17-19

Identity Theft
Six Trends Continued in 1998
Chart: '98 Consumer Privacy Enactment
Chart: Enacted Privacy Laws in 1997 & 1998
New Trends in 1998
Children's Privacy
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Financial Privacy
Online Privacy
Medical Privacy
Public Records
EU Directive

From the Executive Editor 2
Sector Report #1 - Online & Internet Services 5-6

Internet Industry Addresses Consumer Privacy Concerns

Sector Report #2 - Health & Insurance 7-8

Genetic Privacy
Health and Medical
Life, Disability and Property-Casualty Insurance

Settlement Orders Pharmaceutical Companies to Reform Managed Care and Consumer Privacy Protections 8
Insurance - Genetic Testing Legislation in the States 9
Sector Report #3 - Telecommunications & Direct Marketing 10-12

State Bills Require Opt-In; Limit Disclosures
Telecommunications Privacy Activity in New York

State Net 12
Sector Report #4 - Financial Services 13-15

Credit Reporting
Identity Fraud
State Privacy Commissions & Studies
'98 State Privacy Initiatives in the Credit Card Industry

Sector Report #5 - Public Records 16

States Analyze & Act on Data Access Issues

Washington Round-up 20

Privacy Enactments in the 105th
Bills that did not see action in the 105th