Volume 6, Number 1, January/ February 1999  
P&AB Survey Overview: Consensual Marketing is Coming 1
From the Executive Editor 1
Privacy Concerns & Consumer Choices: Survey 4-8

About the Survey
General Privacy Attitudes & Concerns
Consumer Privacy Experiences and Preferences
Use of Personal Information by Telephone Companies
Importance of Local Telephone Company Privacy Policies

PrivacyExchange.org 9-14

PrivacyExchange Staff
The Wall Street Journal: "Keeping Up on Privacy"

Volume 6, Number 2, February/ March 1999 - Special Conference Issue  
5th Annual Conference Overview 1
From the Executive Editor 2
The U.S. Privacy Scene in 1998 3-5

Congressional Action in the 105th
Unfinished Business
Trends for the 106th
Predictions for 1999
Court Decisions
Consumer Privacy Activity in the States
Legislative Highlights

New P&AB Survey Confirms Consumers Want Choice and Control Over Personal Information 6
Experts Make Privacy Predictions for the 21st Century 7
The Future of E-Commerce is Now 9
Privacy Costs and Customer Benefits of Data Warehousing 10
Government Keynote: Has Business Accepted the Self-Regulation Challenge? 11

Commissioner Thompson Urges Industry to Lead

Business Keynote: E-Commerce and Privacy 12

E-Commerce and Privacy: What's at Stake

Business Privacy and the Internet: What's Being Done 13

It's Report Card Time

Magaziner Receives Distinguished Privacy Leadership Award 14
Breakfast Speaker: Privacy Initiatives South of the Border 15

Data Protection in Latin America

Business Keynote: Privacy - To solve it as a personal issue we must solve it as a global issue 16

Chapman Calls for Consensus on Global Privacy Issues

U.S. Companies & Privacy in Global Arenas 17

Where Does U.S./ EU Accommodation Lie?

U.S. Companies & Privacy in Global Arenas 18-19

"Safe Harbors" & U.S. Business Perspectives
Contractual Approaches and the EU Directive

PrivacyExchange: A New Global Data Protection Resource 21

PrivacyExchange is Launched

Financial Services: Legislative and Regulatory Trends 22

Privacy Issues in the Financial Services Industry

Practitioners' Privacy Policy Workshop 23-27

Key Issues in Developing Privacy Policies: A Mentor's Roundtable
How to Apply Online Privacy Policies
Coping with the EU Directive and Global Data Protection Laws
Chart: Compliance Checklist
Managing Privacy Policies: An Open Forum
Dawson Touts Industry's Progress

Publications 29

None of Your Business: World Data Flows, Electronic Commerce, and the European Privacy Directive
Protecting Yourself Online

Volume 6, Number 3, April/ May 1999  
Privacy Legislation: Which Route for the 106th? 1, 3-6, 13

Financial Privacy
Online Privacy
Children's Privacy
Legislation Restricting Use of SSNs
Public Records
Health Information Privacy
Other Privacy Bills

From the Executive Editor 2
In Depth: HR Data & the EU Directive: Meeting the Challenge in Global Organizations 7-9

The EU Directive: Risks & Requirements
Significance and Challenges for HR
HR as an "Exception"
Risks for HR
Achieving Compliance

S. 573 Medical Information Privacy and Security Act 13
Volume 6, Number 4, July/ August 1999  
"Freebies" and Privacy: What Net Users Think 1, 8-9

The Information-for-Benefits Advocates
The Maximal-Privacy Advocates
What 86 Million Net Users Think
How We Framed the Issues
The Key Privacy Question Posed
Who Would Want to Participate in Such Programs
How Important Are Privacy Policies for Such Programs
Overall Analysis of Survey Results
Chart: Demographic Profile of Net Users

Washington Report 1, 4-7

Financial Privacy
Congressional Activity
Health Information Privacy
Online Privacy
Driver's Privacy Protection Act

From the Executive Editor 2
P&AB's Model Contract Gets Green Light in Frankfurt 10
P&AB To Move Forward with EU/HR Data Consortium 12-13

Participants & Attendees
Consensus us to go Forward
Expert Assessments
The Government Perspective
Company Concerns
Moving Forward

Volume 6, Number 5, September/ October 1999  
Privacy Legislation in the States 1999 Trends 1
Washington Report: Congressional Republicans Embrace Privacy 1, 15-17

Financial Privacy
Online Privacy
Motor Vehicle Record Privacy
Chart: Commissioner's Report Card
Medical Record Privacy
Also in June and July

From the Executive Editor 2
Chart: Enacted Privacy Laws in 1998 & 1999 3
Chart: '99 Consumer Privacy Enactment 4
Following the Trends . . . In State Privacy legislation and Proposals 5

Omnibus Privacy Legislation
MA H 4483 - Omnibus Legislation

StateNet 6
Sector Report 1 - Financial Services 8

LA H 49 - Auto Dealer Credit Check Restrictions

Sector Report 2 - Health and Insurance 9-10

VA H 2427 - Patient Rights to Privacy
OK H 1368 - Genetic Information Privacy
AR S 54 - Insurance Underwriting and Credit Reports

Sector Report 3- Direct Marketing 11
Sector Report 4 - Telecommunications and Telemarketing 11-12

Al H 589 - Do-Not-Call Legislation

Sector Report 5 - Public Records 12-13

MD H 722 - Motor Vehicle Record Privacy

Sector 6 - Online and Internet Services 13-14

CT H 5028 - Anti-spam Legislation
NV S 485 - Internet Regulation