Volume 7, Number 1, January 2000: Special Issue - The IBM-Harris Multi-National Consumer Privacy Survey  
Why A Special Issue? 1
Inside - How Consumers in the U.S., Britain and Germany are Asserting Their Privacy 1
E-Commerce Message: Consumers Are Coming . . . But They Want Choices 2
Chart: Survey Methodology 3
Consumer Behavior 4

Chart: Income Reference Guide

Consumer Privacy Experience and Concerns 5
Industry Confidence 5

Chart: Confident that Companies Selling on the Net Use Information Properly

Privacy Attitudes 7
Privacy Asserting Actions Offline 7-9

Chart: Refuse to Purchase a Good or Service Because of Privacy Concerns
Chart: Highest Internet Users

Net User Activities 10
Comparisons of Net Users and Non-Users 10
Higher Privacy Actions by Net Users 11

Chart: Netizens Refusing to Purchase Because of Privacy Concerns

Visiting Business Websites 12
Privacy Protective Behavior on the Net 13

Chart: Looked for Privacy Notice at Retail Website

Net User Views About Net Privacy 14

Chart: Provides Privacy Notice Before Providing Personal Information or Making a Purchase

Volume 7, Number 2, April/May 2000  
Consumer Privacy in the Next Decade: New Trends, Forces and Directions: An Overview 1-3
From the Executive Editor 2
The Privacy Year in Review 3-4
Consumer Privacy In the Next Millennium: Three Visions 4-5
New Survey Reports Show Consumer Preferences 5-6
Privacy Officers Are Now Front and Center 7
Veteran Practitioners Give Cues on Operating in the New Privacy 7-8
Strategies for Crisis Management 8-9
Online Industry Confronts the Privacy Challenges 12
How to Audit Company Performance 12-13
Preparing for Legislative or Regulatory Proceedings 13-14
Managing Privacy on the Internet 14-15
Westin Opens Conference 15-16
An FTC Commissioner Looks at Internet Privacy 16
What If It Were All "Opt-In?": New State Consumer Privacy Initiatives 17-18
Social Utility and Privacy 18-19
The Information Age, Consumers and the Economy 19
Consumer Education and Consumer Choices 21
Secretary of Commerce Daley Receives Distinguished Privacy Leadership Award 22
Privacy in the e-Commerce World 23
The DMA's Privacy Promise Campaign to the American Consumer 26
Safe Harbor - Where Does It Stand? Where Is It Going? 27
Reflections of the First Year as the President's Privacy Advisor 28
Understanding National Data Protection Laws and Transborder Data Flows 28-29
New Rules for Transferring Human Data Across National Borders 30
Volume 7, Number 3, May/June 2000  
Washington Report: What a remarkable six month period for privacy! 1
What Does It All Mean? 3
Finding Better Ways 3
Financial Privacy 3-6
In Congress 6
The President's Proposal 6
Implementing Agencies' Activity 6-7
In the States 7
Reaction by the Financial Services Industry 7
DMV Records 7
Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing 7-8
Congressional Privacy Caucus And Task Force 8
Online Privacy 8
Legislation 9
Survey Work 9
Industry Activity 9
National Coalition on E-Commerce and Privacy 9
Hewlett-Packard 9
FTC Activity 9-10
HHS Proposed Regulations 10
Genetic Nondiscrimination 10
Privacy Protection Study Commission Legislation 10
Privacy Commission Hearing 10-11
FTC Initiative 11
National Summit on Identity Theft 11
Identity Theft Legislation 11
Encryption 11-14
Social Security Number Privacy 14
Children's Privacy 14
EU Directive 14
The Revisions 14-15
From the Executive Editor 2
Volume 7, Number 4, August/September 2000  
P&AB's CPO 2000 Sparks a Launch within a Launch 1,8
From the Executive Editor 2
Westin Welcomes CPOs 3
Medicine Discusses New FTC Roles, Credit Header and FTC Review of Online Privacy Issues 4
Peter Swire Sets Out Administration Privacy Positions 4-5, 8
Industry Associations Assist Privacy Activities 6-7
BBBOnline Privacy Seals and Dispute Resolution 8
Why American Express Created a CPO 9
New Legislation Focuses on the Use of Social Security Numbers 9
On the Front Burner: A Privacy Study Commission 12
Creating Online Privacy Policies and Practices 12-13
Preventing and Responding to a Privacy Firestorm 13-14
Conducting A Privacy Risk Assessment 14
Tips for Conducting Privacy Audits 15