Volume 8 Number 6, December 2001  

Front and Center: GLB Privacy Notices

Critics and defenders of GLB-mandated privacy notices square off at the Dec. 4 FTC Workshop.  

From the Executive Editor

New programs and workshops P&AB has in store for 2002.  
Managing the New Privacy Revolution
Register now for the Eighth Annual National Conference, CPO Privacy Practitioners' Workshop and Privacy Expo 2002, hosted by P&AB and Privacy Council, set for March 20-22 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.  
New P&AB Survey: Privacy Officers Taking Hold in Key Consumer Industries, Reporting to Top Management 7
The first findings of the benchmark American Privacy Officer Survey Report are presented.  
P&AB's CPO Program 2002 Now Underway 11
Membership in Tier Two is a limited time offer, so sign up now.  
States Again Take the Lead in Privacy 12

States are beating federal legislators to the privacy punch.

Business is Slow to Join Safe Harbor 15

What's keeping companies from signing on to Safe Harbor?

Volume 8 Number 5, October/November 2001  
Government Investigations and Consumer Privacy: Should Companies Be Concerned About More Litigation?  

How will government requests for personal consumer information affect the rise of consumer privacy litigation?

From the Executive Editor 2
P&AB's plans for 2002.  
Privacy on the European Front: A Report for U.S. Multinationals 4
France and Germany take action to comply with the Directive and enact privacy laws.  
P&AB's CPO Program 2002 Underway 5
Join CPO 2002 before December 31 for significant savings.  
P&AB and Privacy Council Eighth Annual National Conference, CPO & Privacy Practitioners' Workshop, and Privacy Expo 6
Same place, same time, new date.  
All Eyes on California 8
What the first state opt-in financial privacy law may mean for U.S. companies.  
Muris Speaks on FTC Privacy Agenda 9
New FTC Chairman, Tim Muris, speaks about the FTC's privacy plan.  
New HIPAA Publication 10
The Strategy Book for HIPAA and Medicare Compliance reviewed.  

Volume 8 Number 4, September 2001

Washington Report 1
Congress focuses on GLB, SSN, identity theft, online privacy and health information privacy.  
Anti-Terrorism and Consumer Privacy 3
Alan Westin gives his perspective on the impact terrorism will have on consumer privacy.  
Rulings in DoubleClick Litigation Gives Guidance on Future "Cookie" Lawsuits 8
Discussion and analysis of the class action law suit against DoubleClick in California, New York and Texas.  
Survey Looks At Workplace Issues and Privacy 11
Surveys show that employers are monitoring employees more closely and why (pre-September 11).  
New Books on E-Business Privacy and Trust 12
Security and Privacy for E-Business and E-Business Privacy and Trust: Planning and Management Strategies reviewed.  

Volume 8 Number 3, August 2001

Slaughter Supports Genetic Privacy 1

Slaughter's H.R. 602 offers protection against genetic discrimination to employees and those seeking health insurance.

From the Executive Editor 2

What P&AB has been up to this summer and what we have in store for the fall, including the Eighth Annual National Conference set for November 27-29.

Consumer Privacy in the States 5

A round-up of consumer privacy bills, pending and passed, for 2001.

Consumer Privacy Litigation Rising Due to Plaintiff's Bar, FTC and AGs 7

A summary of current consumer privacy litigation in the U.S.

Technology Issues Pose New Challenges in HR Privacy Litigation
A summary of new HR litigation in the workplace due to the widespread use of technology.
New PLI Survey Studies Consumer Trust
What PLI's research says about consumer trust in business and government.
P3P Debuts - And Stirs Debate
Supporters and opponents speak out on W3C's new privacy tool for consumers, P3P.
Reports Assess Costs of Privacy to Industry 13
How much will new privacy legislation cost business: what the experts say.  
Two New Books on Business Privacy 14
Michael Erbschloe and John Vacca's Net Privacy: A Guide to Developing and Implementing an Ironclad ebusiness Privacy Plan and Privacy Enhanced Business: Adapting to the Online Environment reviewed.  
Volume 8, Number 2, June 2001: Special Issue:
P&AB Reports from Washington and the States
Washington Report-Wheres the Beef 1, 3-9
     Wherefore GLB?
     Privacy Explosion Or Fizzle  
     So&Why Isnt There Any Beef?  
     What Does It Mean?  
     Wild Cards  
     Social Security Number Privacy  
     Financial Privacy  
     Federal Agency Activity  
     Online Privacy  
     Another Congressional Online Privacy Activity  
     U.S. Privacy Counselor, Chief Information Officer,  
     And Privacy-Related Appointments  
     FTC Chairmanship  
     Privacy Commission  
     House Commerce Committee Activity  
     EU Directive  
Consumer Privacy in the States: A Mid-Year P&AB Report 1, 9-12
What State Legislation Produced in 2000  
     Identity Theft  
State Legislation in 2001: The Current Agenda  
Bills to Watch in 2001  
     Public Records  
     Identity Theft  
     Individual Privacy Rights  
     State Privacy Task Forces
     Federal Preemption of State Laws  
This Spring, two cases with major privacy 8-9
Implications were ruled on in the courts
     Court Rules on FCRA Case  
     Judge Finds for FTC Position  
Westin Testifies on the Hill about Consumer Surveys 13-14
Volume 8, Number 1, February 2001: Seventh Annual National Conference Issue  
State Developments in 2000 3
National Developments in 2000 4
The Fruits of November 5
Sen. Bennett on Privacy 6
The New Wave of Consumer Privacy Lawsuits 7
Swire Receives Award 8
Public Records and Privacy 9
The FTC A U.S. Privacy Agency 10
Enter the CPO 10
The Developing Roles of CPOs 11
Testing Online Policies 12
Complying with the GLB Act 13
Complying with the HIPAA Regs 14
Complying with COPPA 15
Developing Business and Privacy Strategies 17
How Businesses Can Stay Out of the Media Doghouse 18
Implementing Consumer and Employee Privacy Policies 19
Sailing into Safe Harbor Safely 20
Privacy, Consumers and Data Protection in Japan 22
Current Japanese Approaches to Data Protection 22
A National Personal Information Privacy Law for Japan 23
Japanese-U.S. Cooperation for Online Privacy Protection 24
E-Commerce and Privacy in Japan 25
Privacy in Japan and Canada 26