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Privacy Leaders is P-JOBs First Featured Advertiser

Hackensack, NJ// October 2, 2002 Đ P-JOBs, the first privacy-focused job website,, is drawing heavy traffic with more than 40,000 hits in the first week it was announced. Companies responded positively and have taken advantage of the non-profitŐs offer to post privacy and privacy-related employment free until January 2003. Corporations, federal and state governments, and other organizations seeking to fill privacy and privacy-related positions in the U.S. and abroad are targeting their search to find qualified candidates who know, or wish to enter, the privacy arena. Omnicare Clinical Research, E-Loan, Advance Business Consultants, Deloitte & Touche, and Futurestep are just some of the companies across North America that have privacy jobs postings on

"I am not surprised at the amount of interest in a privacy-focused employment site like P-JOBs," said Dr. Alan Westin, President and Publisher of Privacy & American Business. "In response to new regulations and legislation at the federal and state levels, smart organizations are seeking to hire both experienced and entry level privacy and privacy-related staffers for newly opened positions to ensure confidence in their consumer and employee activities. P&AB sees this need as a growing one and is pleased to accommodate."

Recruiters, staffing companies, and other executive search firms may advertise their services at a reduced rate until January 1, 2003. Privacy Leaders, the first executive search organization focused exclusively on the recruitment and placement of privacy professionals, has taken this opportunity to become P-JOBs first featured advertiser.

"We became a featured advertiser because of the great synergy between the goals of Privacy Leaders and P-JOBs. Both organizations promote privacy as a unique career option and facilitate the availability of privacy professionals for companies seeking to hire. The exposure gained from being a featured advertiser will be invaluable to our marketing efforts. We feel P-JOBs will provide access to new clients seeking the specialized recruiting assistance we offer," said Herman Collins, CEO, Privacy Leaders.

With no registration required, P&AB has invited job seekers to visit the site freely. P&AB, which is currently accepting privacy job postings, will be advising P&AB Members of these positions through an Advance Email Alert before being listed on P-JOBs. After January 1, 2003, companies and other organizations may post their privacy employment opportunities on P-JOBs for a nominal fee, while recruiters, headhunters, and other executive search firms may advertise their services, as well as specific positions, at discounted rates.

For more information about P-JOBs, contact Susan Kegler at or (201) 996-1154. To find out how to become a P&AB Member, visit or contact Olga Garey at

About Privacy & American Business

Privacy & American Business, ( &, is an activity of the non-profit Center for Social & Legal Research, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy think tank exploring U.S. and global issues of consumer and employee privacy and data protection since its launch in 1993.

Always on the cutting edge, P&AB was the first to chart and analyze for business the rise of privacy from a second-tier concern to a front-burner issue and to provide opportunities in programs and meetings to assist businesses in understanding the privacy environment as it is evolving. P&AB, a pioneer in recognizing the rise of the corporate privacy officer (CPO), was the first to open its CPO Program in 1999.

The Center and all its activities are led by Dr. Alan Westin, President and Publisher of P&AB; Robert Belair, Partner at Oldaker, Biden & Belair and P&ABŐs Vice President; and Lorrie Sherwood, P&ABŐs Executive Director.