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P&AB Hosts First Post-Election Meeting to Showcase Likely impacts on Consumer Privacy
Experts Weigh in on New Challenges, Present Case Studies, and Debut New Searchable Privacy Policy Database

Hackensack, NJ/November 20, 2002 Privacy & American Business will host the first post-national election privacy meeting where experts will project the likely impact federal and state elections will have on business privacy practices around the country. Attendees will gather at P&ABs Privacy Leadership Group (PLG) Workshop & Briefing on December 5-6, 2002, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. geared toward Privacy Officers and those managing privacy in a business setting.

With PLGs new focus on real life privacy procedures and solutions, attendees will explore privacy issues affecting their internal and external business environments. Privacy thought leaders Dr. Alan Westin, President & Publisher, P&AB and Ron Plesser, Partner, Piper Rudnick LLP will lead discussions and analysis of consumer privacy litigation, what companies should know about the latest consumer privacy polls, privacy and direct marketing, privacy in the media, and much more. A special report by Robert Belair, Partner, Oldaker, Biden and Belair, and Vice President, P&AB, will earmark likely Congressional actions in the opening of the new Congress.

Case studies will be presented by business leaders from the financial services, health, insurance, technology, manufacturing, and consulting industries. They will offer attendees an in-depth look at some practical solutions to real privacy issues that they, as Privacy Officers and Managers, face on a daily basis.

"Managing privacy in 2003-2004 will be like rafting in white water in the spring thaw lots of rocks to spot and steer around at high speed," said Dr. Westin. "The December PLG Briefing & Workshop will provide a map."

"This first national privacy gathering since the election gives us an opportunity to post-mortem, for privacy professionals, the results and their impact on Congress and the Regulatory Agencies. These results will change some basic assumptions, and it is certain there will be a major legislative privacy debate that will affect every business," said Ron Plesser.

Key Speakers

Case Studies

Privacy Database Unveiled

A new searchable privacy policy database developed by P&AB to help privacy managers benchmark their own privacy status will be debuted at the meeting.

"Every company large and small should be reviewing their privacy policies and procedures on an ongoing basis," said Dr. Westin. "This database gives privacy managers the tools they need to benchmark and monitor their own privacy status."

Unique Meeting Materials

Dr. Westin will present P&ABs latest consumer privacy litigation report. Since September 2000, more than 83 lawsuits have been filed against companies in the following industries: financial services, health/pharmaceutical, information services, Internet/E-commerce, manufacturing, media, and retail. At least 13 cases have proceeded as class action suits. More than $76 million have been awarded in settlements and judgments since 2000. These cases are categorized into eight major categories:

Other Materials

For agenda and registration information about P&ABs PLG Washington Briefing and Workshop, visit or contact Olga Garey at (201) 996-1154 or

About Privacy & American Business

Privacy & American Business, ( &, is an activity of the non-profit Center for Social & Legal Research, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy think tank exploring U.S. and global issues of consumer and employee privacy and data protection since its launch in 1993.

Always on the cutting edge, P&AB was the first to chart and analyze for business the rise of privacy from a second-tier concern to a front-burner issue and to provide opportunities in programs and meetings to assist businesses in understanding the privacy environment as it is evolving. P&AB, a pioneer in recognizing the rise of the corporate privacy officer (CPO), was the first to open its CPO Program in 1999.

The Center and all its activities are led by Dr. Alan Westin, President and Publisher of P&AB; Robert Belair, Partner at Oldaker, Biden & Belair and P&ABs Vice President; and Lorrie Sherwood, P&ABs Executive Director.

About P&ABs Privacy Leadership Group

The Privacy Leadership Group (PLG) is a new multi-industry program for privacy officers delivering an ongoing flow of resources, hands-on assistance and networking opportunities throughout the year to support privacy officers and those involved in privacy management. PLG is led by P&AB whose Corporate Privacy Officers Program from 1999 through 2001 provided the first integrated support programs for privacy officers in the U.S. and abroad.