Privacy & American Business (P&AB) does not give, rent or sell its mailing lists to anyone.

The names of persons who request information about P&AB or its annual conference are added to our database so that they can receive future mailing related to our programs and conferences. Persons who wish to be removed from P&AB's mailing list should contact us by phone (201)996-1154, by fax (201)996-0488, or e-mail our administrator at

Persons who supply an e-mail address may also receive future communications about P&AB by e-mail. Persons who do not wish to receive these communications should notify our administrator by the phone, fax or e-mail mentioned above, and their names will be deleted from our list.

We do not collect or use any personal information on visitors to our website, through the use of cookiesor other software or hardware techniques. In order to better understand our audience, our web host does provide us with certain server statistics. We look at the number of hits the site receives, broken down by month, week, day and hour. We also keep track of the domains from which this site is accessed, the top 20 organizations/ISPs that are used to connect to this site and the top 20 referrers (the last page you were on before you connected to this site). To gauge what our viewers are interested in, we also look at the top 20 search words used in connecting to this site.

Finally, we have the capability to calculate which P&AB files have been accessed, the types of files, the size of the files requested, the status of those files (i.e. 404 not found etc) and a breakdown of the operating systems used to access the site, but we do not track such information, and have no plans to do so.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at