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Experts’ special electronic report on the 2004 privacy developments and 2005 privacy challenges to accompany Tele/Web Conference

December 9, 2004//Hackensack, NJ: Alan Westin and Robert Belair will host Privacy & American Business’s (P&AB) first Tele/Web Conference, Privacy Year in Review, Projections and Trends for 2005 on February 16, 2005. P&AB’s experts will bring their special insights and examine what happened in 2004, predict what’s ahead for business in 2005, identify the trends to look for, and discuss how privacy practitioners can overcome the challenges they will face over the next year. Their assessment has been one of the most popular and sought after sessions at P&AB’s Annual National Conferences.

“American business needs to understand the privacy climate to plan strategically nationally and internationally, not just for legal compliance, but also for customer trust and national brand,” said Dr. Alan Westin, President & Publisher, P&AB. “A good example of new developments is Pennsylvania’s just enacted law making it a crime to knowingly make a false and misleading statement in a company’s privacy policy.”

“And, far from being a quiet Congress in 2005-2006,” warns Robert Belair, V.P., P&AB; Partner, Oldaker, Biden & Belair, “the new Congress is highly likely to hold hearings and propose laws that will directly affect a wide range of consumer product and service industries.”

The February event will kick off P&AB’s two major membership programs for 2005: the Privacy Leadership Group and the Privacy Fellows Program. Benefits for both programs include free participation in the Privacy Year in Review Tele/Web Conference, multiple subscriptions to P&AB’s Electronic Newsletter and NewsFlash, and attendance at P&AB’s National Conference and meetings.

In keeping with our mission to help bring privacy activities throughout companies, P&AB plans to invite other departments to join privacy offices to participate together. For more information about how to become a P&AB Member, visit or contact Olga Garey at

This virtual event is set for February 16, 2005. Details are posted at and

About Privacy & American Business
Privacy & American Business (,, &, is an activity of the Center for Social & Legal Research, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy think tank exploring U.S. and global issues of consumer and employee privacy and data protection for business since its launch in 1993.

Always on the cutting edge, P&AB was the first to chart and analyze the rise of privacy from a second-tier concern to a front-burner issue and to provide opportunities in its programs and meetings to assist businesses in understanding the privacy environment as it is evolving. P&AB, a pioneer in recognizing the rise of the Corporate Privacy Officer (CPO), was the first to open its CPO Program in 1999.

The Center and all its activities are led by Dr. Alan Westin, Professor of Public Law & Government Emeritus, Columbia University, and President and Publisher of P&AB; Robert Belair, Partner at Oldaker, Biden & Belair and P&AB’s Vice President; and Lorrie Sherwood, P&AB’s Executive Director.