New Health Privacy Program at P&AB

What are the privacy issues involved in the re-shaping of the nation’s health care system?

The Program on Information Technology, Health Records and Privacy sees this as one of the most important societal developments in the next two decades. Find out more!

P&AB and BBB Launch Educational Campaign for Small Businesses

Privacy & American Business (P&AB) and Dr. Alan F. Westin have partnered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to create a new national education initiative geared toward helping small business owners improve their security and privacy readiness in a climate of data exposure risks.

Entitled Security & Privacy — Made SimplerTM, the objective of the campaign is the demystify the complexities of data security and give small businesses a non-technical roadmap to securing their customer data, and their employees’ data, too.

Click here to learn more about security and privacy for small business owners and to download your free copy of Security & Privacy — Made SimplerTM.

In the latest issue of the P&AB Newsletter...
" Vulnerable Small Business Targeted for Data Security & Privacy Educational Campaign
" Next On Your Agenda: Genetic Privacy
" P&AB’s ID Theft Update
" Mark Your Calendar for P&AB’s Upcoming Tele/Web Conferences

Read the new (3/06) Selected Bibliography on Patients’ Access to Their Medical Records, 1996 - 2006 from the Program on Information Technology, Health Records and Privacy

Click here to find out more about P&AB’s Special Offer for Libraries.

Read the new(9/05) Special Report on Building Privacy by Design in Health Data Systems from the Health Privacy Program.

Did You Miss the Latest P&AB Tele/Web Conference?

Privacy & American Business’ Tele/Web Conference: The Privacy Year in Review, Trends and Projections was held on January 11, 2006. This was the first in a continuing series of Privacy Tele/Web Conferences that together will make up the 2006 National Virtual Privacy Conference spread over an entire year.

Click here to find out how you can listen to this and other past Tele/Web Conferences anytime.

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