Privacy & American Business' Corporate Privacy Officer 2000 Program is a comprehensive sustained year-long professional development initiative to support those managing privacy at every level, across industries, both on and offline. Click here for a full description of the program.

As the position evolves, the CPO is responsible for coordinating all corporate activities with privacy implications, as well as monitoring all of a company's products, services, and systems to assure meaningful privacy practices. The individual in this position may:
" conduct privacy risk assessments and internal privacy audits
" serve as a key privacy advisor
" recommend and carry out employee privacy training and education
" manage a privacy-dispute and verification process
" speak on behalf of the company to the media and government bodies
" report to executive officers on how the company is dealing with privacy issues
" identify areas where the company can improve

CPO 2000 offers a privacy daily clipping service, briefings, reports, alerts, White Papers, networking opportunities, workshops, access to online resources and to the thinking and experience of important decision makers, corporate leaders, and experts on the privacy issues.
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One of the Program's earliest activities was the two-day CPO Conference and Workshop held on June 5-6 at the Doyle Hotel in Washington DC, which turned out to be a raging success.

"It was without a doubt the most informative conference on privacy I have ever attended. I came away with a number of good ideas and useful information that will help make me more effective in my position as Image Data's Chief Privacy Officer."
-Lorna Christie, Chief Privacy Officer, Image Data

"I found a superb group of professionals and an exceptional selection of approaches to the topic."
-Tullio DeRaffaele, Security Engineer, Studio Legale Imperiali

"Very well planned, organized, and administered. The materials and presenters were helpful and well-informed. It was definitely one of the better conferences I've attended on privacy issues."

The next conference was on September 19-20 in Washington DC. To view the final agenda for this conference, click here.

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For more information, e-mail David Ciauro at or call him at: (201) 996-1154.

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