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P&AB is published monthly, with periodic double issues or special issues in a 20-28 page illustrated format. We have a controlled circulation of approximately 3,500 subscribers, comprised of government regulators, business leaders, libraries, and academics interested in privacy and public policy. The contents of past P&AB issues are listed below with links to selected articles.

"Privacy & American Business is the single most valuable publication available to professionals dealing with privacy issues for their organization. Its coverage is consistently timely, comprehensive, and of tremendous utility in the effective comprehension of the privacy issue-space."
- Keith Enright, Chief Privacy Officer, Lucira Technologies

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P&AB Issues

Volume 13 - 2006

Volume 12 - 2005

Volume 11 - 2004

Volume 10 - 2003

Volume 9 - 2002

Volume 8 - 2001

Volume 7 - 2000

Volume 6, Number 4
Privacy Blooms in the Spring of '99

"Freebies" and Privacy: What Net Users Think
P&AB 's Model Contract Gets the Green Light in Frankfurt
P&AB To Move Forward With EU/HR Data Consortium

Volume 6, Number 3
Privacy Legislation and the 106th Congress

HR Data & the EU Directive: Meeting the Challenge in Global Organizations

Volume 6, Number 2
5th Annual P&AB Conference Overview

The U.S. Privacy Scene in 1998
A Privacy Agenda For the New Millenium:What lies ahead?
Once Company's Experience on the Privacy Frontier
Has Business Accepted the Self-regulation Challenge?
E-Commerce and Privacy
U.S. Companies & Privacy in Global Arenas

Volume 6, Number 1
P&AB Survey Overview

Consumer Privacy Experiences & Preferences
Use of Personal Information by Telephone Companies
Importance of Local Telephone Company Privacy Policies


Volume 5, Number 3
Privacy Legislation in the States

Online and Internet Services
Health and Insurance
Telecommunications and Direct Marketing
Financial Services
Public Records

Volume 5, Number 2
Government and Industry Wrestle Over Industry Self-Regulation

New Privacy Survey Focuses on what Net Users Want
Models Project Update
Website Update

Volume 5, Number 1
Second Session of 105th Congress

New Online Privacy Survey Confirms 1997 P&AB Findings
PrivacyExchange Update
Legislative Round-Up
New Project Draws on Contractual Approaches to Meet EU Privacy and Data Protection Mandates.


Volume 4, Number 5
Conference Overview (Special Issue)

Privacy Year in Review
Highlights of Chairman Robert Pitofsky's Speech.
Database Privacy Plan Unveiled.
Mock Senate Hearing on Self-Regulation.
Contractual Assurance for Transborder Data Flow.
Biometrick Identifiers: Privacy Opportunity and Problems.

Volume 4, Number 4
Washington Privacy Activity

New Global Website
Anne Branscomb

Volume 4, Number 3
Internet Privacy Survey (Special Issue)

Portrait of Net Users vs General Public
Children's Privacy Online.
Online Survey Makes Business Case for Privacy.
Self Regulation Challenges Industry.
P&AB's Benchmark Survey Confirms Perceptions.

Volume 4, Number 2
Unprecedented Privacy Activity in Washington (Special Issue)

Clinton Speech
Survey Trends Underpin Privacy Activity.
Global Privacy Developments
FTC Activity
ANSI Ponders Privacy Rule

Volume 4, Number 1
State Trend Lines 1996-1997 (Special Issue)

Privacy Profile: Loretta Weinberg
The 105th Congress Begins Early work on Privacy
The States and Consumer Privacy: Sector Reports


Volume 3, Number 5
1996 Conference Report: An Overview (Special Issue)

Washington Report
Consumer Privacy in the Information Age, by Christine Varney.
Letter from the Senate.
Br¸han Offers European Wish List.
CBA Best Practices Guidelines

Volume 3, Number 4
104th Congress Sets Strong Privacy Record.

U.S. Public Opposes Federal Regulatory Agency.
Finger Imaging Survey: Charts Acceptance.
International Privacy Conference: One American's View.
Privacy and Direct Marketing.
Privacy Profile: Leslie L.Byrne.

Volume 3, Number 3
Court Make Privacy News - and Law.

Washington Report.
Electronic Money and EU Directive.
Confidentiality and Group Therapy.
Global Project Opens Dialogue.
Privacy Profile: Steven Kroll.

Volume 3, Number 2
Credit Card Holders, Banks and Privacy

Telecom Law Prompts Privacy Outcry.
Privacy Talk on the Net
Clinton Administration Considers New Privacy Protection Office
Privacy Profile: Rep. Steven Chabot.

Volume 3, Number 1
Managing the Privacy Revolution '95 (Special Issue)

Washington Report.


Volume 2, Number 3
FTC's New Privacy Initiative

Washington Report
P&AB's Survey Report: How the Public Ranks Privacy as a Consumer Issue
In Depth: The World Wide Privacy Frontier
Innovative Policies Case File: Trans Union.

Volume 2, Number 2
Internet Regulation Battles Could Impact Privacy

Washington Report.
P&AB's Survey Report : Public Skeptical About Government Enforcement of Privacy Laws.
In Depth: Equifax's Health Information Privacy Principles.
Using Medical Information for Database Marketing.

Special Issue
The States and Consumer Privacy

Privacy Laws - State or Federal?
The November Elections and the State Scene
Sector Reports:
Financial Services
Direct Marketing
Medical & Health Record
Life, Health & Property Insurance

Volume 2, Number 1
Privacy - Where is the Administration Headed?
Washington Report.
Privacy Profile: Senator Christopher Bond.
In Depth: Interactive Services.
Payment Services, Privacy and MasterCard.
Privacy in the New Age of Information Services.


Volume 1, Number 5
Democratic Defeat Reshapes Congressional Privacy Agenda.

November Elections, Public Opinions, and Privacy.
How Exxon Valdez Changed Employee Relations.
In Depth: P&AB's First Annual Conference.

Volume 1, Number 4
At Midyear..103rd Congress Set to Enact Privacy Legislation.

New Survey on how Public Views Sensitivity of Personal Records.
From the Business Press: How Nonprofit Groups Should Handle Privacy.
Privacy Guidelines For the "New' Direct Marketer.
Supreme Court Reaffirms Privacy Interest in Public Record Information.
Privacy Profile: Mary Gardiner Jones

Special Issue
Work Monitoring, Privacy and Fairness.

Survey Report: The Public Supports Fair Monitoring Practices.
The Legal Status of Work Monitoring
A Conversation with Lewis Maltby
Corporate Reports: Citicorp, Household Finance, MCI.
Key References on Work Monitoring

Volume 1, Number 2
Washington Ponders Health Privacy Reform.

Privacy Poses Test for IVHS Industry.
Toward Fair Information Markets.
Coping With European Data Protection Laws.
In Depth: A Special Section on Medical & Health Privacy.

Volume 1, Number 1
(Inaugural Issue)

Clinton, Privacy, and the Business Agenda.
Privacy and Free Speech in Telemarketing.
In Depth: Strong Privacy Codes Are Good Business.

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